Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Prayer - original oil pastel portrait

Here's a beginning cut at this one - or maybe I will do what my painting teacher often said to me 'just start a new painting', and that's probably the answer.  Lately, I've been so interested in the pre-Raphaelites and would like to move a bit in that direction with some of my oil pastels - am pondering how that approach would be most effective in oil pastel.  This one is done on 7 x 5" Pastelbord with Sennelier's gooey, wonderful oil pastels.💗

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Nude Over Scribbles - oil pastel painting of a nude model

I had made a charcoal sketch on some of the smoother Art Spectrum Colourfix paper,  but decided I didn't like it and erased a lot of it.  Even though much of the image remained, I just did a nude painting over it.  It's more relaxing to approach a piece without feeling it has to be perfect - painting over the remains of another drawing is going to remain with me as a favorite method.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, February 6, 2017

On My Easel - oil pastel figurative in progress

I was just fooling around and ended up with this drawing on a 9 x 12" piece of Art Spectrum Colourfix (the smoother one) and then thought 'now what?'.  So I've decided I'll do more drawings on this piece of paper and maybe call it Tango Scenes.  They would be discrete, rather than a continuous scene.  But there's only room for one more, maybe two, depending on the poses.  It's an idea that I want to develop further after I finish this piece.  Below are the beginnings of this drawing.  The difference in colors of the paper in these photos is because I'm not a very good photographer - the second part of the drawing, where I was just starting to fill in is the most like the actual paper.  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Something I'm working on - original oil pastel in progress

Here's one I worked on and I guess I didn't see any progress, so just put it away.  I never tire of bar scenes - interesting for a teetotaler, no? - but it's where people seem to be more relaxed and I'm always waiting to draw them.  Will work on this some more and see where it leads.  Sometimes, I'm not happy with the end result, but the characters will appear in another piece.  This is on 5 x 7" Pastelbord.  In addition to loving Pastelbord, I've been enjoying the new smoother Colourfix paper - not something I thought I'd like, but it's great!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 21, 2016

On My Easel - woman at a table original figurative

I know - it's just a bunch of lines, but it's headed somewhere.  Somewhere good, I hope.   It probably won't be finished before Thanksgiving, but I will return to it, because I'm really happy with the start.  It's on 12 x 9" mixed media paper, using mostly Sennelier oil pastels.  Thanks for looking - have a great Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Little Jive on Friday - original oil pastel figurative sketch

Trying out the Strathmore 403 again - I did receive a reply from Strathmore, which I totally appreciate.  The fellow who answered did not know of any changes and I would imagine it would only be noticed by a long-time user of the paper.  I plan to compare it to some of my wonderful old 403 tomorrow.
This little scribble is done with Sennelier and is a useful sketch, about 8 x 9", since I may use these little dancers in another scene.  They'll like that!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

On My Easel - original oil pastel portrait

Not sure if I'm really through with this, but the model is gone, so maybe it is finished.   Ever in search of someone to pose, beggars can't be choosers.  This was done on 12 x 9" Strathmore 403 paper for oil pastels.   I had been wondering whether Strathmore had changed the 403 paper from the wonderful barrier paper it's always been and I think they may have.  I have a feeling they will deny it when I call, but I've used it too long to be fooled.  It also just seems more brittle.  Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself on this, but we shall see.  Thanks for looking!