Friday, February 12, 2010

Bistro Evening - original oil pastel figurative by Connie Chadwell

This small painting is the oil pastel version of Evening at the Bistro on my regular blog.  It's 7 x 5" and I'm quite happy with its "softness". 
Since I don't exactly have oil pastel artists knocking down my door to be featured on this blog, I'll just rave on about oil pastel myself.
Yesterday, I was explaining oil pastel to some interested - as well as some disinterested - artists.  One of them said "well, why not just use regular pastel?". 
Today I will give one reason for using oil pastel, to be followed by another reason at each posting.  They won't necessarily be in order of importance, just what comes to mind while I write.

First Reason:  IT STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT!  Does this sound silly?  Well, I can almost guarantee that you won't have oil pastel bits on your pristine, not to mention expensive, matboard.  I have seen nice paintings ruined by colored powder on mats.  Yes, you certainly can make a "trough" with a smaller mat under the regular one, so that the powder falls in the trough, but what a lot of bother. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing other painting media (I work in lots of other media) - I'm just saying that oil pastel is wonderful and should get the respect it deserves.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the background colours and romantic feeling of this piece! Beautiful!! Lori Z

Peggy Feltmate said...

You HAVE captured a lovely softness, and wonderful depth in behind the couple, too. As for reasons to use oil pastel, I tried soft pastels a couple times and the dust just did me in. It was everywhere, and storage of the pastels was an issue too for that reason.

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