Friday, March 5, 2010

Sketch Chronology - original oil pastel sketches by Connie Chadwell

This quick, casual little 7 x 5" portrait is the end result of the following sketches.  First came the pen sketch that I did last summer at the rodeo.  The girl in the drawing was interesting to me because of her posture, I think.  She was slumped in her chair so much that her chest area was almost concave.  She was nice to hold still for me while I drew her.  I made notes on the sketch that I didn't incorporate into the portrait.  For instance, I didn't think the sprigged fabric or the lace edging on the neck of the dress would work in such a small space, so I ignored those two things.  
The following photos show the progress of the portrait.  Beginning with the ink drawing, then the oil pastel line drawing - and on to more refinements.  (The early sketches were taken next to a bright window, but the one at the top of the posting, the final one, was taken in a darker room, so, of course, it's a little darker than the others).
I know there are all kinds of blenders that oil pastel artists use to smudge, blend, etc., but I just use my fingers.  I once had an instructor comment that it's important to know which direction to move your fingers, or other blending instrument, when blending your pastels and I think that's so true.
This drawing is on Pastelbord.
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Anonymous said...

Lovely work in progess, Connie. I really love the loose, fresh application of colour. Lori Z

Peggy Feltmate said...

Really interesting to see how this came together, from beginning sketch to end result. I use smudgers but I think fingers might work better! Except for very fine work.

Stephen said...

I like your good work. Awesome painting. I really like pastel arts very much.

Stephen said...

Excellent oil Pastel work. I am quite impressed with your work.

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