Monday, May 3, 2010

Works in Progress

Here's what I started today and I must admit I'm undecided as to what I should do to bring these to a finish.  With all three of these little pieces (7 x 5" on Pastelbord), I'm using the same palette, even though the subjects are different - I guess I'm a bit of a value painter.  However, I do love the sets of ops for portrait, landscape and still life - as far as I know, Sennelier is the only company making them at present.  Holbein used to make them and may still make the landscape ones, but years ago, they produced a portrait set that was wonderful!  When I first purchased it, I was sure there were too many yellows in it.  Not true!  It was excellent and I think I still have the little boxes the ops came in, with the labels of colors.  If I do, I will report in a future post.
Thanks for stopping by the OP Review!


Melanie Rawlings said...

How wonderful to come across your blog! i have been looking for a oil pastel blog. I paint with too, and mix with watercolour!
Your paintings are great!!

Peggy Feltmate said...

I hope you come across the little boxes! That would be interesting!

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