Saturday, December 4, 2010

On My Easel - portrait in progress

This is still in the sketch stage, where I am just feeling my way.  Maybe I'll continue with this, or possibly begin anew.  But I love the combination of colors with her red hair, so I will undoubtedly spend more time on this portrait.  Next thing is to get the model back!  The black Colourfix paper (12 x 9") is wonderful for oil pastels - the pastels can be layered one upon another and produce a sort of glow, it seems to me.  And the little bits of black gritty surface that show through. I love it!!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Sheila Vaughan said...

I didn't know you had this other blog Connie. It's so nice to see one devoted to oil pastel and I'm learning a lot in browsing through it, not just in use of the pastels but in surfaces etc. Never tried pastelbord for instance.

Connie said...

Hi Sheila - glad you stopped by and hope you'll come back. Pastelbord is really great - give it a try - I think you'll really like it.