Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pensive Lila - original oil pastel portrait painting

I love the way Lila bends her fingers back when she laces them together.  This was done with Sennelier - juicy juicy - on 7 x 5" Pastelbord.
I bought another Sennelier Nature oil pastel set from Ebay for a little cheaper than Daniel Smith, which is the only other place I've found them.  They look so murky until you stroke them across the paper, then they seem jewel-like.  If you want a little splurge, get some of these beauties.
Today I was working on a drawing that has been half-finished for several weeks and every time I passed by, I was so pleased with the skin tones.  Well, today, I killed it.  I'm trying to resurrect the greenish skin tones, so maybe tomorow I'll be successful.  Have you ever done that?  Overworking is the bane of my art existence.  But one thing I noticed, is that it's a pleasure to work skin tones on Sennelier oil pastel paper.  I don't know why, exactly - maybe it's the texture.  Slightly rough, not gritty rough, but just bumpy rough and it holds the oil pastel beautifully and even seems to give it a slight glow.  
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