Friday, December 14, 2012

Red on Red work in progress - original oil pastel portrait

Today's experiment is just using reds and greens - although it's hard to see the greens (my photography, probably).  One of the things I experienced was using CrayPas on top of Sennelier, which should definitely not work.  But in using the Specialist sepia, I got lovely shading in the shadows - sort of like a glaze.  So, if it works over Sennelier, it would be sure to work over other oil pastels.  I really love the CrayPas Specialist colors and you should try the neon ones -exciting!  I'm going to work on this some more - thanks so much for stopping by!  How are you all liking to work with your oil pastels?


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

beautiful! I LOVE the way her hair melts into the background!

Connie said...

Thank you, Myra - it was fun!

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