Friday, June 14, 2013

The Model in Costume - original oil pastel portrait drawing

I don't have a clue what the costume was, I asked no questions, I just drew.  It's always so great to have someone to pose that I don't want to get distracted and maybe get the model distracted.  Bad. Very bad.  Since I'm a line person, really, and painting is my second language, sometimes it's just fun to be oneself and do what comes naturally.  Are y'all line or shape artists?  As I've mentioned at some point, Alex Powers, who does wonderful, wonderful work says we're one or the other.  If you can, get a copy of his book.  I've never really figured out how to do what he does, but I love his work!
This piece is about 10 x 8" - I cut it from a piece of Mi-Teintes board - light green, but who could tell from looking at my photography!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog!


Paintings by Patricia said...

This is lovely, Connie and I always love the color you have in your figure drawings. Ales'x work is beautiful and I would say I am a shape artist.

Lucy Chen said...

Thank you for the introduction, Connie. He's got many great resources.

Lucy Chen said...

Hi Connie, you must be quite busy, but I always look forward to your new posts.
I've moved my blog to my official website, and I'd love to have you over there, too. Will you come to join me?

Connie said...

Thank you, Patricia - glad you like it and it's interesting to hear that you are a shape artist. I really believe shape is a building block of painting. A line person, like me, has a more difficult time with painting, as opposed to drawing.

Connie said...

Hi there, Lucy, thanks so much for stopping by and, yes, of course, I will join you. Looking forward to it!

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