Friday, September 20, 2013

Old Fashioned Sketch - original oil pastel figurative sketch

This was an experiment in creating something - anything - from shapes that I'd scribbled in with my black oil pastel.  The paper is guerilla painter carton - wonderful stuff!  Then I tried to make a picture with the blobs on the paper.  And what emerged was this imperfect old-timey looking sketch.  Will just leave as is, without more finishing.  I just know I took photos of the progress so I'd know how it started and then could share with you.  Do y'all ever do this - just scribble in something without having the least idea where you're headed?  Well, actually, I guess I do that every time I pick up an oil pastel or a brush, but this was an extreme case.  Anyway, fun to try.  Thanks for looking!

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