Thursday, July 21, 2016

Victorian - original oil pastel portrait and a few points about paper

She isn't really a Victorian - her name is Samantha and she lives about two hours from here, but this drawing feels to me like that era.  I did this on Canson pastel paper, which isn't the best choice for oil pastel.  It doesn't have the same barrier that Strathmore 403 pastel paper has.  The Canson works fine, but the oil will show through on the wrong side.  But who looks at the wrong side?  The Sennelier oil pastels that I use do not have a destructive type of oil that can ruin the support, so any paper will work, but it may need some extra attention.  I have often sprayed fixative on paper that isn't the best choice before I draw, which helps immensely.  I should have done that on this piece, but I forgot to take my fixative.  Oh well.  This is about 8 x 6" - thanks for stopping by!

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