Thursday, April 27, 2017

Working on a Portrait - oil pastel WIP

Here's another one that's not quite finished, although a lot closer to the finish that the one on my
 Daily Painter blog.   I've discovered Art Spectrum's Colourfix board and I really really love it!  In addition to being a wonderful surface, it's very convenient for framing.  I even was able to use some Holbein over Sennelier, which I can't do very often since Sennelier is so creamy.  Am thinking maybe that's because there was enough tooth left.  A thought, anyway.  She (the model) looks kind of harsh, so I'm going to try and soften her up.  Since I don't have her to draw from, I'm on my own.  Thanks for visiting!


Alvin Kevin Nanong said...

Hello, I just discovered your art and it is really beautiful and inspiring! I've just started dabbling in oil pastel myself.

I was wondering, what colour do you use for the basis of your flesh tones?

Connie Chadwell said...

Thank you so much, Alvin - great to see you here and welcome to oil pastel, a great medium!

As for flesh tones, I'm always experimenting. Sennelier makes a great portrait set, and although the bright reds are a bit much, the other tones are SO useful. The set has beautiful ochres, blues and other colors that are just perfect for skin tones - expensive, but well worth it, any of the shades in there will work. Basically, I just pick up one from the set and use it, then another, then another - don't really know the colors, but mostly ochres, including a violet ochre, which is lovely and grey blues, plus brighter blues, as well. I sound like I'm doing a Sennelier commercial, but this set always works for me. And then I can purchase some of the colors from the set individually when I run out. Hope this helps!

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